How Our Flat Fee Pricing Works

DDLimo is a pickup and drop-off service serving
the Pittsburgh area using 10 passenger stretch
Lincoln Town Car Limousines

Call 412-563-2559 for reservations

Reservation can be made up to 3 months in advance

The farther in advance that you make reservations the more likely
it is thatyou will get the day and time you are looking for. 

Pricing Drop Down Menu Below For Trip Fair

The Designated Driver does not rent its vehicles out by the hour, but instead on a per trip basis,
saving our customers, in many instances, hundreds of dollars. We are a pickup and drop-off
service only and we operate in all of Allegheny County.

    The price depends on your distance from downtown Pittsburgh.  We charge on a per person
per trip basis.  The farther your area is from downtown Pittsburgh the higher the price per
person rate.We charge $5, $8, or $10 per person depending which area you are getting picked
up from and going to.  Each trip is subject to a price minimum.  The farther out from
Pittsburgh the higher the minimum fair.

    There is no minimum number of people that you need to have, there is only a minimum price.
For example, if you have 1-5 passengers in our $5 per person areas with a $25 minimum
price, the price is $25 + gratuity + $2 gas fee . For every extra person beyond five, add $5 per
person. In our $10 per person areas with a $50 minimum, if you have 1-5 passengers, the price
is $50 + gratuity + $2 gas fee. For every extra person beyond five, add $10 per person.  Each area
may have a different price minimum.
The fee covers one pickup and drop-off only. When you
make a reservation we'll ask you where you want to be picked up and where you want to be
dropped off (subject to our covered territories). If you want to make a return trip then it will cost
another $5,8 or $10 per person and is subject to the minimum charge. You may schedule as many
pickups and drop-offs as you would like throughout the evening.

All trips throughout the evening must be pre-scheduled in advance by the customer with a
dispatcher.  Each reservation scheduled is considered a one-way trip only.  The farther in
advance you schedule a reservation the more likely we will have the reservation times you would like
If you have more than 10 passengers, we will send you multiple vehicles if we have the availability.
There is no extra charge for the second vehicle unless your pickup or drop off location has a stated
multiple vehicle minimum.  However, there will be a charge of $25 if we send a second car to your
group and there are 10 or fewer passengers. This is done to discourage groups from ordering extra
vehicles that are not necessary.  This applies to all multiple vehicle pickups.  Because we have 10
passenger vehicles the cut off is always a multiple of 10.  10, 20, 30, 40, 50 passengers etc..  You must
always cancel your extra vehicles if your group drops below a multiple of 10 or there will be a $25
charge for each extra vehicle not used.

Choose your pick up and drop off location from the drop down menu
below.  Both locations must be selected to get pricing.  For a list of
 areas we service you can also see our list of

Designated Territories.
DDlimo Pricing Chart.xlsx

Choose A Pick Up Location From The Drop Down Menu
Choose A Drop Off Location From The Drop Down Menu
Enter Your Passenger Amount Here To Get Your Price
Enter You Gratuity Amount Here (Average Gratuity is 20%)
One Way Trip One Way Trip One Way Trip
$ Price/Person $ Minimum $ Gas Fee per vehicle
Total $ Trip Fair (One Way) Total $ Trip Fair (One Way) Total $ Trip Fair (One Way)
Price Not Including Passengers Price Price Including
Gratuity Per Person Including Gratuity Gratuity
Multiple Vehicle $ Minimum


DDlimo Pricing Chart.xlsx